1. 4 years ago 

    Shoot 1UP

    So, until recently, I thought IMAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES 1N IT!!!1 was the best value you could find on Xbox live for a dollar.

    It now has a new challenger.

    Shoot 1UP is quite possibly the most fun I’ve ever had with a game for a measly dollar.

    Don’t get me wrong, Z0MB1ES is still an excellent game for a dollar, and unfortunately, 1UP’s melodies are not quite so memorable either.

    However, if you have any sort of fondness for SHUMPS or just enjoy cheap, fun games in general, I highly suggest you give the demo a try at the very least.

    Heck, while you’re at it, why not try your hand at stemming the Z0MB1E apocalypse as well?

    After all, “IT’S ONLY A DOLLARRRRR.”

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    (E)verything (A)ll Over Again.

    So I just got Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for the 360 and Lunar: Silver Star Harmony for the PSP, I am anxious to play both.

    I have already tried to play Bad Company 2, to very little avail. It seems to me that EA is quite content in their process of hiring starving, third-world economy children to merely hold up antennas constructed out of metal hangers in the air, meanwhile paying them with Riticello pennies and sh*tty Dragon Age DLC in place of bothering to maintain actual servers.

    This is the 4th time.

    The 4th time that a Battlefield game is nearly completely unplayable at launch due to server issues. It has occurred with Modern Combat for the original Xbox, Bad Company 1, Battlefield 1943, and now Bad Company 2. All 4 games that I’ve also bought either near or right at launch.

    Disavowing the fact that it has happened 4 times, EA itself boasted about 3 million people downloading the Bad Company 2 demo, so logically, you’d think they’d assume very high demand and plan accordingly, right? I suppose not.

    Never mind the fact that the servers for the demo shut down on Feb 25th in order to “shift support to support the game launch on March 2nd.”

    Must not…..perform Renegade action….

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    Of matters corporal.

    A few days ago I wrote of my affinity for RPG’s, and although true, I must note that I have many different tastes for all sorts of games as well.

    In fact, my personal preference can run the gamut from virtual lawyer simulations, to visually striking metaphysical, allegorical, forlorn story lines adhering to the birth of the nuclear atom, oh, and anything related to cats.

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    Because “coward story” wouldn’t sound quite as good.

    I’ve been trying to beat Brave Story recently in anticipation of the release of Lunar: Silver Star Harmony, which I am really looking forward to. It should come as little surprise that most the people involved with EXPCon have preference for RPG's (of the digital variety of course).

    I don’t particularly care for RPG fans in Modern Warfare 2, however…

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    Coagulation Ramification the 2nd

    Just finished Mass Effect 2 a few nights ago. Great game, my only 2 gripes deal with the mining system, which is way too overdone, and a disappointing plot device towards the end (but not the end).

    Pursued a relationship with Tali…..Liara just wasn’t the same </3.

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    So, if perhaps it was not obvious to all, I will be writing about things related to gaming on this blog, I don’t intend to bore (too much) or keep your attention for too long (why won’t you love me?) at any one given time, therefore I will attempt to keep my posts somewhat short.